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What is Smart Invoice?

Smart Invoice is a sophisticated invoicing tool that facilitates payments between organizations or Clients, and freelancers or Providers. Smart Invoice establishes a set of shared expectations between a client and a provider who are engaged in business with one another. v1 features are as follows:

  1. Each invoice is its own contract
  2. Deposits may come from any address
  3. Client can make deposits by milestone
  4. Milestone payments can be variable in size
  5. Custom arbitration can be set (LexDAO or any Ethereum Address)
  6. Client can deposit more than the total amount (for gratuity)
  7. Tokens accidentally sent directly to invoice can be recovered

Who Should Use Smart Invoice?


An example of two parties using Smart Invoice could be a service provider and a consumer/client who want:#
1. Streamlined Experience: A simple interface to create and view payments#
2. Information Access: Reliable, auditable, and immutable information flows#
3. Contractual Enforcement: Serviced through Impartial third-party dispute resolution#