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How Does it Work?

Smart Invoice leverages smart contracts built on Ethereum to create a framework by which service providers can rapidly create invoices and deploy them to xDai sidechain.

After the provider has setup the smart invoice, the client can deposit their payment to smart invoice in the form of milestones. Milestones allow payment to be released by the client as work is completed by the provider.

When a client deposits funds into a milestone or milstone(s), payment is sent to and held by smart invoice, and when the client releases those funds, they are sent to the service provider's wallet address.

In the case either a client or provider decides to lock funds in smart invoice, a submission is made to a third party arbitration provider who will help by resolving the dispute.

As a client or provider of Smart-Invoice, first you will need to visit

Once you arrive at the landing page, you will have the option to select between “Create a New Smart Invoice” and “View Existing Invoice”.