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Making Payment (Client)

If you are a client and would like to make a deposit, simply click the deposit button and select each of the milestones that you would like to make a deposit for, then click the deposit button that appears in the pop up. This will redirect you to your WalletConnect or your MetaMask to approve the transaction.

After you complete the transaction, you will see Deposited and the Date indicating that your deposit has been received by smart invoice. This does not indicate that the provider has received payment from you, but rather that smart invoice holds the funds you deposited, enabling you to release the funds when the first milestone is reached or lock the funds if you feel the provider hasn't delivered.

After depositing, if you would like to release payment to the provider, you can click the release button, which will redirect you to your WalletConnect or MetaMask where you will be asked to approve the transaction. Once the transaction is complete, you will see Released and the Date indicating that your payment has been received by the provider wallet address.

If for some reason you need to lock the funds you deposited into your smart invoice, click the lock button and approve the transaction with either your WalletConnect or MetaMask wallet. Then after the transaction approves, you can see in the status bar if you navigate back to View Existing Invoice that it is currently In Dispute.