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Creating a Smart Invoice (Provider)

Step 1: Project Details#

Here you will enter your project’s details in sequential order:

  1. Project Name or ID
  2. Link to Project Agreement
  3. Project Description
  4. Project Start / End / Safety Valve Withdrawal (Date)

Mini Glossary


Project Name or ID - The name of your project#
Link to Project Agreement - Link to supporting documents or website#
Project Description - This acts as a brief explainer for your project#
Project Start / End / Safety Valve - These are the dates you will start, finish, and allow the client to withdraw all funds by.#

What is Safety Valve and Why is it Important?


Safety Valve is a built in function that allows the client to withdraw funds from the contract on the date specified in the date entry field. This can be a useful feature in the scenario that a provider goes unresponsive or bails on the project, in which case the client can withdraw all funds deposited into smart invoice on or after the Safety Valve date.#

Step 2: Payment Details#

In this step you will enter the following payment details:

  1. Client Address
  2. Service Provider Address
  3. Total Payment Due
  4. Payment Token
  5. Number of Payments
  6. Arbitration Provider
  7. Max Dispute Fee
  8. Terms-of-Service

Mini Glossary


Client Address - Address the client will use to send funds to smart invoice#
Service Provider Address - Address the provider will use to receive funds from smart invoice#
Total Payment Due - Total amount your requesting for completing the project#
Payment Token - The token you wish to accept payment in#
Number of Payments - The count of payments broken down by milestone#
Arbitration Provider - This is the third party adjudicator responsible for providing a resoution if a dispute is raised#
Max Dispute Fee - This is the maximum fee the arbitration provider will charge on the remaining funds held in smart invoice#
Terms-of-Service - An agreement outlining the usage of the arbitration provider#

Step 3: Payment Chunks#

  1. Enter Payment amount per milestone
  2. Enter Amount up until total amount is paid

Step 4: Create Invoice#

Review that all of the details of your invoice are correct, if they are not you will want to re-enter the correct information in each of the fields you filled out incorrectly.

Note: If you enter the incorrect client address or if any of the information you provide in the smart invoice form is wrong, you will not be able to edit or change that information later. This is because every completed smart invoice form executes on-chain, meaning it cannot be reversed and is immutable. Therefore, take extra caution and make sure to double or triple check that the details you enter are correct.#
Note: By clicking on the “back” tab, you can navigate between previously completed steps in order to review or change any incorrect information inputted into the smart invoice form. (Do not click the back-arrow in the search engine or your previous entries will be lost)#